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New apprentice

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My name is Bobby, love the adventure of smoking. I could stay on this site for hours. Hope to be able to contribute soon. I have just got a MES and the first few tries were very successful thanks to this forum. However the meat probe is malfunctioning. Its reading 279 degrees with the smoker set to 235.Its been going for about 4 hours at this point. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Welcome to the site Bobby.  The general opinion is that thermometers that come stock on most smokers are unreliable.


Many of us resort to dual probe aftermarket thermometers.  Many folks like the Maverick.


You can, and should test you stock therm with a bowl of water with ice in it and test again with boiling water.

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Welcome to the site Bobby.

You can do the ice and boiling water trick with 

your temp probe.

They are notoriously messed up.

However after you test it and find out

if it is messed up.

Keep an idea in your head how bad and

which way it's off and you can live with it

until you get another.



Keep on smokin'                     Ed

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Welcome to SMF!


Walmart has cheap ones for about $15. They are pretty accurate.


At some point you will probably want a Maverick.



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