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First Tri Tip For A West Texas Boy

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Tri tip isn't found a lot in the meat markets or supermarkets around here in West Texas, so when I saw some advertised I jumped at the chance to give them a try. I wanted to use the smoke & reverse sear method rather than grilling it. Trimmed off the fat cap, slathered it with olive oil & seasoned it with just good old Montreal seasoning. Got my Old Country Over & Under to 220-250 degree range with post oak for the smoke. It got to an internal temp of 120 degrees in about an hour & a half. Pulled it off the smoke & seared it on the grill where I had some corn on the cob grilling. Let it rest in foil while the corn got butter & table set. Here's the result of my first attempt at smoked Tri Tip:

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Now that is a beautiful looking tri-tip!!!





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Looks tasty Tri tip is a fave for me,and luckily readily available! biggrin.gif
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Very nice, dwhite!! You can get them here, but not at a grocery. Kind of pricey, but worth it now and then. I like the way they cook quick.
Sweet corn will be showing up here in a month or so. Can't wait!


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Great looking Tri Tip!

Out here we prefer them over brisket. Especially when smoked over red oak.
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Looks great from here,, Nice job 


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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Never had Tri Tip but it looks great!  Points for delicious!  points1.png

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dwhite, this is a work of art. Kudos.



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