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How about smoking a Philly Cheesesteak? :-)

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Hi All-  Been lurking for some time.   I'm in SE Pennsylvania and have been smoking for a number of years (mostly been using propane with a Master Forge).  Into old cars- the "Met" in Metman is for the 1960 Nash Metropoitan we have, along with a Studebaker Hawk and AMC Javelin AMX.  Also enjoy riding motorcycles (Ducati Sport Classic), guitars, craft beer and wine.   Happy to be here and hope I can contribute in return for the advice, tips and suggestions I've already gotten from the forum.   One of my goals is to make a kickin' fatty!   Cheers!  

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Hey Metman.  I am JW on the Gretsch forum.  You and I have swapped comments several times on smoking topics  posted on the Gretsch site.  (Although it's been a few years).


Great to see you here.  You will find a bunch of helpful friendly folks here.

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Hello and welcome from central NY.



Keep on smokin'                        Ed

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Welcome to SMF!


Glad to have you aboard!



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I smoked a Tri tip and made this the next day!

Welcome to the forum!icon14.gif
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Welcome, glad to see another local smoker on site. Enjoy.
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Thanks for the greetings everyone! :-)

One Eyed Jack/ JW- Great to see you here, Bud!  Small world on this here internet, isn't it?!  

b-one: That is a great looking sandwich!  

Just picked up a new Smoke Hollow 44 smoker today.   Lot's more room than my current Master Forge.  We'll see ho wit works out.. Actually got it not too far from you, wimpy69 !

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