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Lots of Salmon

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Needed to process a bunch of our fishing buddy's Salmon belly pieces from last year to make room for the upcoming 2016 season. Threw a few pieces of our own to help fill up the smoker.

In my typical dry brine of 4/1 ratio of dk brown sugar / non iodized salt. Sorry no pics of the dry brine at the beginning. These pics were taken 3-6 hours into the brining process.

Into the MES40 Gen 1 smoker they went. Smoked at 125*+ for first hour. 145* for 2nd hour, 160* for 3rd+ hour until an IT of 140 was met. First two hours used Todd's Alder pellets. 3rd hour went with apple.

OMG! The heating element is flipped over! yahoo.gif

Mailbox mod worked like a champ. Used Todd's AMNPS

Finished product. As soon as the fish came out of the smoker, I brush a diluted honey on followed with a few sprinkled pieces of coarse black pepper. Turned out way too good says the wife. She's just hoping I'll let her take some tomorrow on a crabbing trip.

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Tasty smoke!
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Looks great
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Nice job, Craig!


Looks delicious!



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Thank guys.  I just added to the original post, a couple more pics and a lot more text with more detail.

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Looks Awesome, as usual, Craig!!:drool


Always love your Salmon (all kinds)!!:drool----------------:points:


Nice Job!Thumbs Up



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