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Just purchase a Dyna-Glo wide-body smoker LP smoker. Looking to do an 18-pound turkey any advice Korea I know it's awfully large for the first time but somebody gave it to me
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First of all welcome to SMF!


As for the turkey, spatchcock it, it will cook much faster. 


Use the search (magnifying glass, upper right) & type in spatchcock turkey.


There will be plenty for you to read.



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Ditto on the spatch....It cooks faster and more evenly. Lots of folks do all of their birds that way now. Salt and pepper on the bone side, slather butter under the skin on the breast side and put s&p there too. Slather butter on the skin along with the s&p, then a dusting of Weber Kickin' Chicken. Smoke at 300*+ or as high as you can get to that until the IT in the breast is 165* and the thigh is 175*. If you can get to a hot grill, sear the skin down for 2-3 minutes to make it crispy. That's the short of it and my $0.02.

Good luck. Let us know how that bird comes out. Pics would be nice. Joe grilling_smilie.gif
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