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First time check-in.

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I'm Rob T from McKinney TX. I will be using a Weber bullet smoker given toe by my brother. He moved on to the Green Egg. So far, I started with some marinated chicken breasts, turned out a little dry, but was my first smome. Then tried pre-marimated pork tenderloin. Turned out fine, but will use fresh non marinated next time and season myself instead. My third and by far the best, for my 40th birthday party last weekend, I smoked two pork shoulder with mustard and a rub, pulled the pork apart and used a mustard base sauce for sandwiches. Everyone there couldn't stop talking about how good it was. Now I'm excited to keep it going. We are having Easter at my house this year and I am going to try a need roast in the smoker.
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Welcome to SMF!


Sounds like you addicted to smoking like the rest of us!


Glad to have you aboard!



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Yep, you're hooked. 

Welcome, you will be smoking ice cream soon.


Keep on smokin'                                      Ed

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