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Sausage basics

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Hey guys,
I've been smoking ribs, chicken, and beef for a while, but I'd like to get into making sausage.. My wife has a grinder, and we also have the grinder attachment for our stand mixer.. My questions really start with die sizes, and peeping the grinders.. I've seen where people stick the parts in the freezer..

Any help would be greatly appreciated..
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If your going to make sausage for the first time, I would start out with fresh sausage. Such as Italian, or breakfast sausage.


There are many recipes on here for both. You don't even have to stuff them, you can make patties. 


Use the search function & start reading.


Yes it's a good idea to put the grinder parts in the freezer prior to grinding.


The size of the grinder plate depends on what kind of sausage your making. Most recipes will specify which plate to use.


Personally I grind one time with the coarse plate, then mix in the spices, and put it through the grinder again with the fine plate. We don't like coarse ground sausage.


Hope this helps.



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Al, that's exactly what I do.


Slide, try making pork breakfast patties to start, you will have WAY less sodium than commercial product. Just sage, a bit of salt, and black pepper. BTW consider making meatballs.


What kind of grinder does your wife have? (if I may ask) I have my parents' 1950s Chop-Rite #10 and the stand mixer attachment.

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Start with very very cold meat and make sure it doesn't warm up in the process.
When you mix your seasonings in use ice water.
If it warms your sausage will have a sandy texture. Not good.
Secondly it keeps bacteria low. (Important)
Follow seasoning recipes and be extremely precise with the amounts. Nothing ruins a days work quicker than too much salt , pepper or whatever.
Have fun , you have this!
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Yep I will have to agree with all the above,,, You may ask yourself why put grinder parts in freezer?? Well keeps meat cold while grinding, won't get warm and turn fat into mush,,, also little trick, after grinding to get all meat out of the auger, put in a piece or two of bread that will push out the meat and if you get a little in the sausage no big deal you won't even know it is there. 


here is a good one 


Good luck and let us know 



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I agree with everything said above.  I have been only making a sausage about a year, but every time I make a batch, I get a little better at it. Here is a thread on the forum with some sausage making resources that I have found very helpful:

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Good information above. I have a little trick that makes my operation simpler. After I cut the meat into grinder size chunks, I put them in a pan and cool again. Just before grinding, I pour the seasoning on the chunks and mix well by hand. Then, the seasoning is fairly well distributed in the ground meat. Then, back into the refrigerator to cool again. Then, grind away!

Pop's sausage seasoning recipe is excellent for patties.

Good luck
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Can you post it.
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Originally Posted by Brud View Post

Can you post it.

POST 5 has the link



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Ok ty
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