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LIVE updates of my briskets with Q-view

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On Wednesday at church we will be having a brisket competition. So tonight at 5:45 I was able to get my briskets and I selected two smaller packers so they will both be able to fit in my Masterbuilt Smoker.
I took my first on out and them trimmed it up.
Got rid of the hard fat and fat that I don't want. Then trimmed up the brisket of all the silver skin.
I'm injecting my brisket I made the injection at lunch today so it would have time to cool in the fridge.
As you can see I put some of my rub goes into the injection so here what goes into me rub.
Once injected I wrapped my brisket in plastic wrap.
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Here first brisket trimmed sorry they didn't load in the first post.
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2nd brisket trimmed, injected and wrapped. This injection of both briskets will be sitting wrapped in the fridge for a little over 24 hours before I smoke. I will be rubbing these briskets before I start up my smoker so it will have some time to rest get to room temperature before they go on.
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Looks like a great start!


Good luck in the comp.





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Good morning it the day that I've been waiting for. Time to start the briskets. I run my smoker at 237 degrees. I run it right in the middle between 225 and 250. Pull out the briskets and rubbed them this morning while I got the smoker up to temperature.
Love this smoker!!! I use treger wood pellets and the flavor is alder.
Briskets rubbed on both sides.
Briskets on the smoker with the one on the bottom with the fat side down to help protect the meat from hours of heat and smoke constantly hitting it since the smoke comes from the bottom up. Where as the other one is fat side up to help keep the briskets moist. We will see the briskets in a few hours to get an internal temperature or it for short as well as see what the color looks like.
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After four hours on the smoker the briskets are looking good all the flats and points I checked are an it of about 170 so I'm turning down my smoker to 215 so I don't cook them to quickly since judging is not until tonight.
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Looks good so far. You may want to keep the temp up in the smoker, because briskets tend to get to 165-170 pretty quick, but then may stay there for hours.



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Thanks I'll crank it back up good to know
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So now one brisket is it in the point as well as flat is 185 degrees brought it out to check it this time so the smoker didn't lose as much heat.
The other brisket is at an it of 178 degrees in the point and flat. This brisket is not as pretty as the other.
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Took off the briskets and wrapped them right up and forgot to talk a picture.i took the briskets off at 12:45ish and into the cooler. Just finished making my Carolina style mustard barbecue sauce. In this competition we have no rules on what kind of sauce just that one has to accompany the brisket. I picked my favorite and one I do t think anyone will be using bit me. I
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KB714, looks great, need a money shot and a piece to confirm ! :icon_biggrin: :points:

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Competition results: 3rd!!!! 5 points away from the 2nd place and 9 points from 1st.
Money Shot!!!!
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Congrats & points for your 3rd place finish!


The brisket looks delicious!



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