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Lazy Sunday Smoke

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It's a lazy Sunday so decided to fire up the smoker. CSRs , hot Italian sausage, hot Italian turkey sausage, and chicken breast (for the wife) . Before they go in .

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Great start!



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So many sausages,so little stomach!biggrin.gif
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Looks good to me. I have a lot of stomach.
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Sausage and chicken are ready and the CSRs got wrapped and back into the smoker .

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Sounds good! How are you going to serve the Hot Italian?
Waiting for the csrs...
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SmokeyMose I usually serve the Italian hots with grilled peppers n onions and fire roasted tomatoes . But this was a last minute smoke so I don't have all that this time around.
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After the wrap

Mopped on some BBQ sauce now back in for another hour.
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Finished product!
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Nice cook, BamBam!



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Looks good, thinking there were some happy eaters!  Do you make your own Hot Italian Sausage or did you use store bought?  I tried smoking raw Hot Italian from Costco (never again), and nobody could manage to bite through the casings--they were that tough.  LOL



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Gary, I used store bought . Would love to start making my own sausage. I have smoked store bought sausage many times and they always turn out delicious .
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