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Reducing Recipes

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A lot of folks post jerky recipes that have meat quantities greater that 1 lb.  I would like to  try several of the posted recipes but

have no idea how to reduce the amounts of seasoning and still come out with something tasting similar to what was originally posted.

How do you properly  reduce a recipe?  I just converting everything (ie... tbsp, tsp, oz etc.) to  grams acceptable?

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Change all the Volumes to Grams. Divide the weight of your meat by the Original weight of meat used. The result is a multiplication factor for the rest of the ingredients...JJ


Random Example Jerky


           Original      New

Beef      5048g     2524g

Salt             6g x.5    3g

Cure            2g x.5    1g

Sugar        10g x.5    5g

Garlic          9g x.5  4.5g

Allspice      .5g x.5  .25g


2524 / 5048 = .5 times each ingredient weight.

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Weight is the way to go for most accuracy. But if you have a volume recipe just reduce each ingredient by the ratio Example 5lb recipe to 1lb
1/5 = .2 or 20%.

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Not so simple. Problem is... what is the original recipe using?  Example... 1 tsp of salt. OK, what kind of salt? 1 tsp converted to weight could be anywhere from 5 grams to 10 or more depending on the salt used. Same with other seasonings.

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There are lots of Conversion Charts and Calculators for herbs, spices and seasonings. Below are some great links...JJ


Salt Type Weight of
1/4 cup (grams)
Weight of
1/4 cup (ounces)
Percent of
Diamond Crystal Kosher
Morton’s Table Salt 76.0 2.68 59%
Morton Pickling Salt 74.0 2.61 61%
La Baleine Coarse Sea Salt 66.8 2.36 68%
La Baleine Fine Sea Salt 64.8 2.29 70%
Morton’s Kosher Salt 62.0 2.19 73%
Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt 45.2 1.59 100%
Maldon Sea Salt 33.2 1.17 136%
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Thanks for the replies gents.  Guess I'd better brush up on my math skills



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I've found this one to be very handy.  Try it out.  Plus you can save it or print it.

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