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Need recommendation

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My 2nd MES is dying after 3 years. Need a recommendation for an electric smoker that i can leave on the deck in the weather.
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My MES sits on a small coffee table under the carport, I just keep a cheap grill cover over it when the weather is nasty. Keeps the snow and rain off.
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LarryB - I would strongly recommend looking at the Smokin-it Line of all stainless steel electric smokers. You can read about them here at SMF, and at the Smokin-it site. Worry free and problem free, and with a 3 year warranty. They are a solid investment.

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You may want to switch to Propane, just as easy to use, without the electronics to worry about. I have charcoal, elec, & gas, and end up using the gasser most of the time.



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I would agree with SmokinAl, especially if you typically do high heat smoking for beef, pork, chicken, etc.

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