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Smoked white fish

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Has anyone done say, trout, or white fish  in the pit barrel using the hanging method? 

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Did Salmon for easter last year.... came out incredible and just was perfect with mustard and crackers...  Haven't done a trout or anything but the salmon was pretty large and hung a good way down the cooker...

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Cool. How long did you cook it for? I wondered if the whole salmon would be doable too. 

Thanks for the reply. 


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My brother wanted it on the rarer side, so I would say an hour and that might be pushing it.  For salmon especially all I was really trying to was get the smoke/flavor onto it.  It was not an attempt to cure or cook the meat...Its one of those things that a personal preference for me, mostly because it was being served as an appetizer to Easter, not as part of a dish/entree... An hour at 250/275 might be a little too much if you get a really good smoke going...

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Thanks for the info. ;-)

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No problem, easter is in 3 weeks, I am probably going to do that again..... I will post pictures, video, etc...



post #7 of 7 is their cedar plank salmon

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