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Chicken racks with beer

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It seems like opinions on the web are split between "it's a waste of beer" to "it makes the chicken moist"


But, I've never read an opinion gleaned from a side by side comparison of two chickens smoked at the same time with and without the beer. Then again, why beer? Why not apple / guava / pear juice or just water in a can?


On the other side of the coin, opinions are generally favorable regarding using a rack without the beer.


Anyone using them? Opinions?

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I used to do beer can chicken all the time.


Then I started spatckcocking them & smoking them in a pan.


Much better!


Here's a turkey breast I did.


Same idea different bird.


Here's the link:


Hope this helps.



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I'm with Al, spatchcocking is the way to go. No matter what the liquid is in the can you won't be getting any flavor into the meat. I've done several side by side beer can chickens using different liquids and there's been no flavor from the liquid used. I see it more as a novelty to WOW those that have never seen it done before. As for moisture there is no need to add liquid to get a moist bird. When Properly cooked you can get a moist bird every time.

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I got a big chicken thawing in the fridge now. maybe I'll try that spatckcocking, looks like and interesting way to cook

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Same applies to Newbies that read adding Apple Juice, Fruit, Liquor, Beer, whatever to the water pan in the smoker will flavor the meat. The water in the liquid evaporates but leaves the flavor ingredient in the pan...JJ

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I used to have a chicken holder than you could just stuff into the chicken and have it sit up right; what a pain in the butt! It didn't fit properly, got too hot, and was just a novelty. I did use a empty soda can with water once and didn't do much. I've been spatchcocking chickens for the last 8 months or so and will never go back to a different way. Turns out great each time, easy to carve and separate after and cooks more evenly

Here's one that I did not too long ago
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I love flat chickens when there on sale! Smoked beer can chicken is still little better but harder and more work. Baby sit and don't over cook!
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