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Also keep in mind quality of your cords and devices matter too as well as splices. Sorry the electrician in me coming out.
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I have a MES 30, and have done many overnight cooks for 8+ hours. Get it fired up late evening, put the meat in, and go to bed. I use a tube and pellets for smoke, so no need to keep adding chips. I've left it going while running errands for a few hours also. Just keep it away from the house, and you should be fine.

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I've done one over night smoke in my Mes gen 1 40" I use the mailbox mod to get combustibles out of the smoker to eliminate fires due to being too close to the heating element or from grease not because the AMNPS won't stay lit. And to keep the smoker closed up except for foiling or removing finished product. I have left the smoker going while away from home for three hours once with the mailbo mod but it will never be a habit. To me the mailbox mod is for safety and convenience to access the AMNPS when done adding smoke.
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