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Meat and Potatoes (my first post)

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So I had family over all weekend helping prune trees and do other yard work. Decided to pay them back with a big Sunday dinner.

Went to the store and bought 5 lbs of potatoes, an onion, a head of cabbage, and several pounds of pork carnitas. I got home and assembled my arsenal.

The seasoning packet was for the pork and the Holy Trinity (garlic, johnnys, and Greek seasoning) was for the veggies.

I threw the meat on the traeger after seasoning at 225 for 1.5 hours

While that was smoking nicely I chopped the potatoes, cabbage and onion then threw them in a large turkey foil pan. I added butter cubes and liberally seasoned with the divine trio of spices. To add moisture I empty a half can of PBR into the tin. I sampled the remaining PBR for quality control purposes.

When the meat had smoked up nice I put the carnitas on top of the veggie pan and covered with foil. I cranked the temp up and cooked for another 2.5 hours.

And after a few more PBRs. All of which were delicious, the final product came out awesome.

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It looks delicious!


Great job on your first thread!


I tried to give you points, but I'm over my limit!



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I have had this combo of meat and veg with Ham, Kielbasa and Corned Beef but never thought of Carnitas...Interesting. Looks real good!...JJ

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My initial thought was to use kielbasa but carnitas were on sale and in all actuality shredded up nicely atop the veggies.
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Nice smoke! I love making that veggie potato mix. I like to add sauerkraut into the mix too. Good stuff!

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Great first smoke!





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FG, Nice post and great smoke !:points:

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