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Couple Game hens and poppers Qview

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Well started off with a brine of water pickling salt and brown sugar.

Took out after 4 hour rinse off and dried

I then melted a stick of butter and mixed in some weber chicken and rib rub in with it and injected. Put back in the fridge over night.


Took out the next morning applied some chipotle mayo and coated with the weber chicken and rib rub.


Smoked at 250 with cherry wood last 30 mins put a coat of beer mixed with famous daves sweet and zesty bbq sauce. Took out of smoker and hit it in the grill for 10 mins or so after adding a little more bbq and beer.



Decided I wanted some habanero and jalapeno poppers. Just did a simple mix of cream cheese and shredded cheddar and wrapped in bacon. Hit them in the broiler after smoke to crisp up a little bit.







Here is the end result



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Tasty looking meal!

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Scrumptious !!!

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Everything looks delicious!



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No, this isn't fair. It just isn't fair.


You shouldn't post a meal that looks this good when we can't have any. It just isn't fair.


Points for making me jealous.



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