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Ya thanks jj. Next time should I warm the water up so it dissolves better?
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It is just important that you use the proper amount of cure for a given weight of meat. There are many KIts out there that give you a package of seasoning with either Cure#1 mixed in or in a separate envelope. If the mix is for 10 pounds of meat you buy 10 pounds of meat and use it all or if all you have is 5 pounds, use Half and no more. In many cases that mix can be added dry to the meat, or you can add some water. the important part is not whether it all dissolves but that it all gets on the meat...JJ

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Cure should not be heated when dissolving....  everything else can be...   I guessing cure should not be dissolved in water above 70 deg. F...  I can't find an exact number, only that cure dissipates at higher smoking temps... 

Cure in cooked meats, about 145 Deg. F, is reduced significantly...   Can't find anything specific there either.....   only that the cure level in cooked meats is still adequate to provide some protection while the meat is in storage...

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One more question for you guys. I took the bacon out and did a fry test and it was to my liking. I took the flat out that's for pastrami and there are little white dots all over the meat. Is that normal?
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A picture would be helpful. Mold does not grow under water. Pale waterlogged spots are not uncommon...JJ

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Not seen that one before. I don't think it is a safety issue but you could just trim it away if it makes you nervous...JJ

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It's all over it. I'll continue going with it and just be careful when I eat it only try a little sample first
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Also if the salt is for 10 pounds and you only have 5 lbs of meat you may end up with a very salty product.

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Originally Posted by alelover View Post

Also if the salt is for 10 pounds and you only have 5 lbs of meat you may end up with a very salty product.

Hmmm...Got me thinking, I wonder if the dots are salt crystals from the high concentration. Does a rinse or fresh water soak make them go away?...JJ

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No I set them in water and hand rinsed both
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