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Using Your Tax Refund

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Who, if they are fortunate, will use their tax refund to buy a new electric smoker?  And what brand?

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:icon_cry: no problem here what refund?

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If there is any left after bills (I doubt) I hope to get a Masterbuilt.

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I haven't seen a refund in 15 years, but I have written a big check every year. Welcome to the world of the self employed
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Sarge and I both have Cookshacks. Whether you get a refund or not, the best money you can spend (IMHO) would be a handheld smoker. A handheld can be purchased depending on the model from $50 -$100. It will open a completely new world of smoking to you. 


Mr T

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New smoker? Heck I'll be happy to get enough for a brisket! biggrin.gif

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Sams club has good deals on Masterbuilt electrics. Have fun.

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I already have enough smokers, but maybe a trip to Sam's or Costco for something to smoke.



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Tax refund? What is that? Is it when you asked for a refund for government services paid and never rendered? I didn't know you can get your money back. I will call the G men today.
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