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How low and slow?

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Hey guys,


I am smoking for the first time this season (it's finally not freezing out there!) I use the Old Smokey electric smoker and had some good results last summer with it. I bought a 3.5 pound pork butt yesterday and brined it overnight. I wanted to go low and slow, especially since it's such a small piece. Right now the cooking temp. is at 150F. Is this too low? Should I crank it up a bit? 


Let me know your thoughts, as I usually smoke around 225F. Thanks! 

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I would crank it up a little. I do all my butts at 225*, you don't want the meat staying in the danger zone too long. Good luck, David.
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Yes, 150 is way too low. You want your smoker around 225 like you usually do.


Doesn't matter if it's a small butt or a big one you still want to keep the smoker temp around 225.



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I think its too low way to low

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yeahthat.gif It's not the cooking temp but the IT that counts I never smoke below 225 . Like Al said your in the safety zone raise that temp now!

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Yep, they've got you covered.  225* will make you some great PP



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