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Spare Ribs w/ Jeff's Not So Secret Rub

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Hi, everyone!

I've got the smoker fired up for the first time in about three years and I'm getting ready to enjoy some delicious spares. I like to post updates as I go, so keep checking in and I will have the original post updated.

Last night I mixed up the rub and put them on the ribs. Realized a bit too late that I didn't have any yellow mustard, so I used dijon mustard instead. Don't know if that's going to affect the flavor, or if it's going to cook out. We shall see.

Last night, all rubbed up and ready to go in the fridge

Got the smoker ready this morning a bit before lunch time. I seem to have lost a bit of my knowledge in the last few years, because I used way too much charcoal (about 7 lbs). Ended up with temps above 300. Tried closing up all the vents and whatnot, then decided to take out most of the briquettes. Once I did that, the temps came down a good bit. Ended up dipping a bit too low and had to add some more back.

Finally got the ribs on the rack and the temps stabilized

Temp has been holding out decently, although i started to run out of fuel right before it was time to foil the ribs, so i had to add a bit more. Back up to good temps and waiting to take them back out of the foil again.

Just before foiling

Hour 5 - got some nice pull-back going on. These are lookin' good! One more hour to go!

Done smoking and ready to go!


Dinner is served!

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Looks like a good start!



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I smell smoke!!!!

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Looking Good,  gunna be good



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Smoke is done and I'm stuffed! Turned out decent though it could have been better I think. I need to take it a bit easier on the rub next time and manage my temps better. Was still delicious though!
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Looks to me like you did a damn good job. You just needed to burn the cobwebs out. It only gets easier and better with every smoke.

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Heck of a dish. Looks great, nice job. :points:

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That's a darn good looking meal!


Everything looks delicious!





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That really looks good to me. I'd say you hit a home run   Nice Job  Thumbs Up






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Getting me all excited to get a real cook in with my WSM 18 Ribs look fantastic, the whole plate looks great. Points




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Thanks, gents. As always, every successful smoke is the result of SMF knowledge!

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Beautiful ribs!



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