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Smoking Wood Score!

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Yesterday I went to a local Lowe's for a bag of lump and snagged 6 ten pound bags at a reduced price because the bags were busted. Today a neighbor called and asked if I wanted some maple for firewood, it turned out to be mostly rotten. But he also had an apple and a pear that were to be wasted in an upcoming construction project. He helped cut up and load the trailer with pear and the apple was just the right size to drag home with the tractor. Should be a long term supply of chunks for my UDS-30. I've been using apple bought from a smoker wood supplier, haven't used pear before.


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Too bad about the maple,but at least you got some others.
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Thanks b-one, yeah I'm pleased to have such a large supply on hand now. It'll be a good piece of work to get it in chunks and stored. We had oil in the saws today. Guess I'll leave the pear out in the weather for a few months and use veg oil to further reduce it and the apple.

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My Dad had apple and pear trees and every year or so he would send me a box full of puck sized apple and pear wood. I like the pear better than the apple, but both are very good.

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Thanks gnappi, Good to know about the pear. I left some pear for another neighbor but he didn't want it, so I may go back for some more.

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