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Back with a vengeance

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I have not been keeping up with my posts since joining a few years back, I frequent the forums for ideas, cook times, and cooking temps, but needless to say I have been lazy to post.


That is about to be remedied with the addition of my new Green Mountain Grill Jim Bowie smoker that I picked up and seasoned last night.  Who wouldn't want to take pictures and post about such a magnificent creature?


To welcome the new smoker to the family, I have decided to make a weekend of it.  Last night my Father, Brother-in-Lawn and sister prepared two fatties each, to go along with three racks of ribs and two whole beer can chickens.  


Pictures and specifics to follow later today!

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Welcome back!


I'm in!





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Rib rub


Apply yellow mustard before generous application of rub

Ground cumin 1/4 cup
Ground oregano 1/4 cup
Ground garlic powder 1/3 cup 
Granulated onion powder 1/3 cup
Salt 1/2 cup
Paprika 2 cup
Black pepper 2 cup
Brown sugar 1 1/2 cup

Finish with a brown sugar crumble, liquid butter, and honey.


Lemon Pepper/Garlic Chicken rub


Apply honey before generous application of rub

1/4 cup lemon pepper

1/8 cup black pepper

1/8 cup garlic powder

1/8 cup onion powder

1/8 cup oregano

1/8 cup Paprika

2 tablespoons of salt

2 tablespoons white sugar


Make sure to apply rub to inner cavity of the chicken as well


Get a can of Pabst beer, drink half and stick inside cavity.


Rest chicken on can and pull legs out to achieve a kick stand effect.


Put meat thermometer in the breast from the top, almost where the shoulder is (thickest part) cook until internal reaches 165 and pull out beer can. Spatchcock chicken and cook for an additional 15 minutes to remove any excess alcohol.





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Fatties breakdown coming soon!

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C123, Looking good !

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:welcome1: back looks like you didn't lose any skills during your absence. Great looking food.

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That's a great way to use all that space!
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:points:Now that's a smoker full o fatties! Nice!!

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I would appreciate your thoughts on the temperature accuracy of your GMG. We purchased a new Jim Bowie this month and while we have only done 3 cooks we are already questioning the accuracy of the chamber temperature reading and food probe reading. Chamber temp shows it holds steady but seems to read much higher than true temp so cooks are taking 2 - 3 times longer. Food temp fluctuates 50+ deg with the lid not being opened and I suspect was part of the reason 2 pork butts couldn't be pulled forcing us to serve them like ham despite being in the smoker at what showed was 250 deg for almost 16 hours followed by an hour rest. I just picked up an Igrill 2 to try and figure out what is going on but won't be able to do any testing for a couple more weeks.
What are you seeing?
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Nice way to break in the new smoker.

let's see.... it's 3/25/16, they should be done by now, no? 


I'm sure you're breaking some kind of Q-view law here :police2: 

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