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Long overdue

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When I was an active hunter, I tried to find ways to cook venison without processing everything. Habit was, keep the backstrap and tenderloin, process everything else. Then I smoked a deer ham... and it was delicious. Fast forward a dozen years or so, and a friend at work shares some venison with me. I decide to smoke the ham and shoulder, just like years ago, even the same smoker. I had a scare when the smoker heated up to 300 degrees, something that I have never had a problem with, but the ham turned out ok - I haven't cut the shoulder yet. Oh, I guess that I should mention that the ham is deboned, with a lot of the grissel and the gland removed. It is rolled up with Conecuh sausage inside and wrapped with a bacon weave. I've eaten way too much of the ham, and it was long overdue!





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Well, yaaahhhaaa. Everything's better with bacon.

Looks good from the outside, but how about the money shot?
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I actually didn't take a shot of that. I wish that I had. As you can imagine, with the cooker getting hot, the outside was a little more done than I'd like, and the center was medium rare to medium… not what I wanted, but I sure enjoyed it. I cut it thin, sausage bacon and all, put it in the slow cooker with a bottle of Guinness for an hour…
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Well, that sounds good also...
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