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Is 1/8" too thin?

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I've been reading and lurking around here for some time now. Had an MES 30 until it stopped working on me. I've made a UDS out of a 55 gal oil barrel and I enjoy that regularly. 


I have access to a pretty impressive shop, with a stick macine, a mig welder, a cutting torch, and a plasma cutter. I am no expert by any means.. I really want to make a horizontal smoker with a fire box. Undecided if I can pull of a RF or not...


I got my hands on 2 16" diameter x 36" air compressor tanks, but the metal is pretty thin. Measuring with a micrometer, it reads .132" - just over 1/8"...


Is this going to be too thin to make a smoker with? I can always make a square side firebox out of 1/4" or 3/16" steel instead, but will it maintain cooking temperature with the cooking chamber being 1/8" or should I toss it all together? What are your thoughts?

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Thicker steel holds heat and uses less fuel. The standard is 1/4" and many will sell an upgrade to 1/2". An option is using 1/8 with a double wall and 2" insulation, not uncommon either...JJ

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I made mine out of an old 275 gallon oval oil tank that is a little over 1/16 and heat managing can be a b##@h
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