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Baby back ribs

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Ive been smoking ribs for 15 years. I smoked three racks this morning so they were ready for the daytona 500 race...i know many people do the 321 method but i have had the best success with a 311 and have been doing it for many years except today...they came out absolutely terrible..not even edible...does anyone know what i could have done wrong..its never happened to me before..thanks
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Need a little more info like temps and rubs. Hey coulda been some crappy meat that the store has thawed and unthawed too many times, but i do know we cant help with the little bit of info you have given. A pic of the meat would be nice.

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For once i didnt take a picture..i was to pissed off to take one.. Everything i smoke its on 225°f. Salt and pepper rub only
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I had some baby backs not long ago that really cooked more to the texture of a pork loin. Although the other racks came out perfectly. These were tough and dry like there was no fat content.

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Did they come cryovaced in a 3 pack. Maybe all three were bad. This is why I cook my ribs to IT. Sometimes they take 4 hours sometimes 5 or more. Each piece of meat is different.



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They were cryovaced separately
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