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Somebody stop me, please! Q-view

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I can't stop smoking. I go overboard when I get a new toy. Wearing out my new pellet smoker. I've had it a little over a week and have had 3 sizable smokes so far. 


Here is today's smoke fest:


Brisket went on around 6:45 am. I trimmed and seasoned it late last night around 11pm. Note: trimming the brisket a lot will affect the smoke time. I trimmed more that I usually do. I attribute that to my experimentation phase I am going through of late. Call it a mid-life crises, if you will. 


Straight 100% hickory pellets today. Smoked it around 225 until it got real good color and when that happened it was around 170*IT. I wrapped her in foil and back on with some baby backs that got rubbed this morning. Ran some errands and the IT in the flat was a little over 200* in several places-200-202*. Pulled her off and separated the point and wrapped the flat in a towel and into cooler. Let the point cool for 20 then cubed and tossed in a pinch of rub and some homemade BBQ sauce. Then they went on to some Q mats. 


Somewhere along the way, I prepared some ABTs: one batch with leftover previously smoked brisket and touch of rub mixed in with cream cheese. One batch with pureed crawfish étouffée and crabmeat mixed with cream cheese. 


Baby backs went on around 11am. after 3 hours did a brief 30 min foil wrap. The back out of the foil, slathered with a little homemade BBQ sauce and back on for 45 mins. 



The Etoufee I made last night. You know how we cajun catholics have to suffer on Fridays during lent. 

Processed just a touch and mixed it with some cream cheese and some lump crab. Yes, decadent I know. What do you expect, I'm from Louisiana, remember. 





Shot of the burnt ends. 





Bunt ends. Outstanding!!! Maybe they are on to something in KC!



The flat



The babies. 





I must say, ribs and pellet grills must go together well. This is the second round of ribs I have done on it and among the best I ever had. 

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Looks great! I'll take the crawfish/crab abt's all day long!
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Looks great! Nice smoke!
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Everything looks fantastic T.



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Looks great!!  I love crab--doesn't matter how its served.  


You're definitely giving the new smoker a workout.





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Originally Posted by GaryHibbert View Post

Looks great!!  I love crab--doesn't matter how its served.  


You're definitely giving the new smoker a workout.





Yeah, Crab is hard to beat. Food of the Gods. Almost a sin to mix it with anything. My wife and I enjoy just a lump crab sauté in butter, a little green onion a dash of sherry and a loaf of french bread for dipping. 

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Oh my God!


I'm getting tired just reading this.


Everything looks so delicious, I hope it's not just you & your wife eating all this food.


Points to you my friend!



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Wow! All of that food looks delicious!!!! I know that feeling though where all you want to do is smoke stuff. I had off this week and I smoked, cured, or cooked about 50 pounds of food and its just me, my wife and out 3 year old daughter. You've got the addiction bad haha
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:yahoo:  Ah the sweet life of smoking.

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There is just three of us but we have some "adopted" kids and friends across the street. None ever goes to waste. I occasionally have to freeze a small chunk of brisket but that's why they invented chili. 

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Wow Your makin me hungry!!! Looks great. I've got to try me some ABT's.

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