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Tonight's Endeavour

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Picked up a small picnic ham and bottom round at Wally World while getting some veggies for supper.

After trimming and cutting up, I ended up with 1 lb cubed for breakfast sausage, 2 lb for cajun snack sticks, and 2.5 lbs for sweet bbq snack sticks.

1 lb cubed and mixed with breakfast sausage recipe I have been developing.

Snack sticks stuffed and resting in fridge. Sweet bbq on left. Cajun. On right

We ended up using jerky gun to make some round jerky. This is sweet bbq
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Nice work, they look good from here!
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Nice job!


Everything looks great!



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Thanks all. The chopped jerky shrank more than usual. Guess that is Wally World meat for you.

Forgot to say earlier. The breakfast sausage is all pork. The other is 1/2 and 1/2. Sweet BBQ mix is from eastman. Cajun is hi-mountain
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Smoked a couple hours with mix of pecan, cherry, and whiskey oak barrel chips. Finished in 170* oven to IT 155*

Cleaned up ends and cut to size. Dogs love the ends

Looks good. Daughter says they taste good.
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F, Look quite tasty !

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Finished this morning with grinding the breakfast sausage. It has been "marinating" in the spice mix since Thursday night.

Ground thru medium plate divided out 12 Oz rolls, and put in freezer.

Had a little taste... good stuff
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