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Slight problem - need some help

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I put 20 pounds of belly bacon into cure last night divided roughly in to three pounds slabs. I weighed and measured out everything and put everything into my downstairs fridge. This morning all seemed fine, but tonight when I checked them, one of the bags seems to be leaking. The seal seems to be ok, but I pressed it tight again just in case. I'm afraid the bag may have a hole in it someplace. It looks like as much as a tablespoon has leaked out into the fridge.

So what do I do? I'd really like to avoid throwing it away, especially after just a day. If it was leaking from the zip lock seal, I think I have corrected it, but if the bag has a hole in it then I will need to put it in a new bag. Also, will the loss of liquid (and presumably some of the carefully measured curing salt) be a problem? If show, can I do anything to fix it?

Like I said, I'd hate to have to throw 3+ pounds of perfectly good belly away. Any help you guys could give would be really appreciated!
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I am assuming this is a wet cure (brine) ?? If that's the case, you can just dump it out and start over ... If it's Pop's brine.. you should be good to let it ride... wait and see what others say first...
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Did you brine or did you do a dry rub.....


Can you collect the liquid ?  is it in a container...

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I used a dry cure, and unfortunately I did not put it in a container. Lesson learned on that score.
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Correct the leakage problem and you should be fine...   1 TBS. should be insignificant considering the volume of meat...   If you lost 20% of the cure, you will still be within acceptable limits.....

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