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pork picnic roast

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Add today 4 cost less supermarkets in Modesto has pork picnic roast for $0.68 a pound your thoughts on price plan on using for Sausage any suggestions is it a good deal and will work thanks
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I use butts for sausage a LOT and these should work just as well.  I find them on sale and stock up.  Go for it!!!

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I believe the picnic is not the but it is a shoulder supposedly tougher more connective tissue that's why I was curious of the price I always use the butt
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I assume you will be grinding so I wouldn't hesitate to try just about anything at 68 cents a pound.


Picnic is the shoulder.  I've done PP with them and had no issues so I think you'll be fine with sausage as well.

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Cool thanks I just bought all of what they would let me buy at one time. I'll come back after work and I'll buy more lol .I guess what threw me off was the roast part I thought they deboned them and strapped it all up but that's not the case they just cut them in sections and bone still in and skin on I'll add so fat back to it all should be good I'm just was curious of the price I've never purchased it before. I usually by the butt for like a dollar 90 or so on sale
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I made a batch of brats a couple of weeks ago with picnic hams and they turned out great.  Virtually the same fat content.

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