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SLR question.

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Ok, I've failed at my frist 2 trys at ribs. Both were full racks. Now I'm not a rib fan, but the wife is, and if she isn't happy, well, you get my plight. She wants FOB. Nothing less.
She picked up a pre rubbed enhanced rack of SLR. Her "thoughts" were maybe I could probably, maybe, hopefully make her some good ribs, and I could use all the help I could get. Oh the love... these were some meaty ribs btw.

Anyway, I was planning on doing the 3-2-1 method. I started them out at 225*. Maverick 732 confirmed pit temp. Foiled with 1/4 cup apple juice. When I pulled them after the 2 hr crutch, I checked them with a toothpick, and there was zero resistance. They were so tender and I could pull the bones out easily.

So I didn't want to chance putting them on unfoiled for the last hr in fear of drying them out.

My question, would they have dried out if I put them back on for the final hr? Could I possibly be the enhancing caused the early tenderness?

On a positive note, momma was happy, but did mention the lack of bark. Think she's been watching too many bbq pitmasters shows.
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You should've put them back on for at least 30 minutes. They wouldn't have dried out.
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I was afraid you were gonna a say that. Lol.

Not afraid to admit, i was scared to dissapoint the wife. Well ok scared is a little dramitac, but i didn't want to dissapoint her a 3rd time as far as ribs go. Lol. At least she liked them. Better than the first 2 tries where they were sooo tuff or dry a boiled hotdog was like prime rib. Lol
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Yeah, putting them back on without foil firms up the ribs and momma will get her bark (hope it's worse than her bite).

Putting on a few thin layers of sauce (if she likes sauce) at this time also helps to create a firmer exterior.

They will still fall off the bone.

You will have to try again and keep notes......

Keepin' her happy is very important !!!

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