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Automate temp regulation with Gas Smoker

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I have a SmokeVault 24" that I've been obsessed with since the day I got it, fortunately my wife loves the finished product so she tolerates it well.


I've done a few things to the grill to help keep the temp stable, however there are times when automating the process would be nice.



Lurking through the forum, I saw there was a product (sentry valve) that would automate the adjustments to keep a stable temp.  It seems that the vendors that sold it don't have it listed anymore; but the other problem is that it was for propane.  My Smoke Vault runs off of natural gas - it is nice to never worry about the tank running out mid smoke.



Any suggestions?  Few co-workers have pellet grills that they "set and forget" and I'll freely admit that I'm a bit jealous of that ability.

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First of all welcome to SMF!


You didn't say how long you have had your SV. It takes a little experience to get the temp setting where you want it to stay. 

I've had mine about 6 years & I still have to regulate the flame from time to time.


For a more precise flame adjustment you can put a needle valve between the regulator & the control knob. Then just leave the knob on high and control the flame with the needle valve.



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I've had it for about 6 months now, however I'm using it every weekend.

I'm doing alright when it comes to control, I'm just a perfectionist and want minimal fluctuations. He other part, is when I'm doing an over night smoke (like yesterday/today) on a brisket, it would be nice to not worry about it.

Currently, I end up taking a late night shift watching it, and my wife keeps an eye on it while I get a few hours sleep. She isn't a fan of he contestant monitoring.
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I installed a needle valve on my GOSM three years ago and don't have any problems with temp variations. It is simply set and forget. Temp in my smoker will not vary over +/- 10 degrees over a ten hour smoke. It simply works.

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