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Hello from SW FL

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Hello all,


Recently purchased a WSM 18" and started with a few mods (added wheels and lid hinge). Decided to go the play sand in water bowl route. First smoke was ribs and brisket using Kingsford and Green Egg lump. Smoke flavor from hickory was great, but ribs were too salty and brisket was a little tough and too much pepper on bark. Have to learn more about rubs I guess.


Second smoke was yesterday with butt. Cooked from a vid I saw on YouTube. Coated with mustard, rub was Killer Hogs. Smoked with apple between 220-250 degrees. Used 100% lump and found temp was hard to control, was also a little windy. Found myself completely closing all vents to bring temp down for the fist couple of hours. Spritzed every 45mins with a mix of apple and pineapple juice. Cooked until inside temp was 165, then placed in a foil pan with 1cup of apple juice, secure wrapped with foil and brought to 193 inside temp. Let sit covered for 1.5 hours, then tore apart. Wife said it was the best pulled pork she has had! Not bad for second outing with a green smoker!!


Love forums like these. Would not be able to 95% of the things I have done without the collective advice/reviews of others.





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Welcome from SC, Steve. It's really good to have you on this great site. Sounds like you're trying to wear that WSM out. They are really good smokers and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Good luck and keep on smokin'. Remember to post some pics of your cooks. Joe grilling_smilie.gif
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Welcome to SMF, Steve!


Sounds like your doing pretty good already!


Great job with the PP.



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Welcome Steve!  Good to have you with us.  I use Jeff's rub on my ribs exclusively since the first time I tried it.  It has very little salt in the recipe and it also helps support this site.  



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