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Bacon Slicer???

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Does anyone have/use/recommend a bacon slicer?  There's a local place here that will do it, but they want $1 per pound to slice it.  I have been using my 10" slicer, but I want a more uniform and consistent product.

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What slicer do you have....  a 10" knife ???.....    Most 10" meat slicers will do a great job... Partially freeze the belly and maybe try the serrated knife if you have one....   Or sharpen the blade....

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It's a power slicer.  Rotary?  I don't slice by hand.

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Is your blade sharp? Some slicers dont have built in sharpeners and if yours doesn't your blade probably needs sharpening.
As mentioned above, put your bellies in the freezer for a hr or two before slicing.
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Slicing bacon with my slicer isn't the problem.  I want to slice a whole belly at one time.  The butcher can do it but the machine is huge and not something one guy could do for the periodic bacon slab.

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