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Trying a Brisket

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Going to try my first brisket this weekend for the Superbowl. Also going to cook a Boston Butt. both in my Master Built Smoker. Was thinking of cooking the brisket in a tin pan above the Boston Butt but was wondering if it basically cooking in it's own juice would be any sort of problem? Or should I just leave it on the rack in which case it's going to dip down on the Boston Butt. Have a 8lbs brisket and going to start them about 5 Saturday afternoon and leave them to cook all night at about 230. Any suggestions welcomed of course...was thinking to inject and dry rub the brisket.

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I always cook both brisket & butts in pans. I think they stay much more juicy sitting in their own juices. Then when you slice or pull them use the pan juices on the meat to make them even more juicy.



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Well did my brisket and everybody really liked it so thought it was pretty good for a first attempt. Was really tender and of course need to make it better but so glad I tried it. 



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Brisket looks great, nice job!

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Thanks can't wait to try another

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Looks good hopefully my first one turns out like yous.
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