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Picked up a fresh pork belly to make some bacon and had the butcher cut the skin off.  I don't use the term butcher in an endearing manner this time.  Anyway, cut the skin into strips as best I could and boiled them.  Found this recipe on that fantastic ribs website, or something like that:33:



Removed them and applied kosher salt and rub to both sides.



Placed them on the OK Joe Longhorn @ 225F using red oak as the fuel for about an hour.



Then cranked that sucker up to 400ºF.  Never had it that hot before.  The wood on the warmer was smoking!



Took them off when the fat was nice and bubbly and they looked pretty.  Cut them into squares and ate.  Man these things are rich!  Couple at a time is plenty.




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They look really good Nate!


I think the butcher took a little too much fat with the skin.


It's not that hard to skin a belly if you have a sharp skinning knife.


Here's a short video to look at:



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Love me some cracklins!!!!  Never tried doing it like this, I'll bet those rocked!

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