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Burnt End Question

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I love Burnt Ends and I also love Carolina Style Mustard based BBQ sauces. Ive searched on here and online and haven't found any recipes that combined the two. Any thoughts on why that is or has anyone ever made it this way before?

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I'm definitely no expert on Carolina style BBQ, so this is just one guy's take...but it's my understanding that the Carolina BBQ is mostly about the pork, and so, Carolina style sauces are usually formulated to compliment pork  I'm not much of a fan of the mustard and/or vinegar-based sauces that are so popular in the Carolinas...I generally use a KC style sauce when I do burnt ends.  That's not to say that your idea wouldn't be tasty...just that it might not have occurred to a lot of folks to try it.  I'd say give it a try and tell us how it goes!


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Yea, What Red said.


Give it a try.


I think we would all like to know how it turns out.



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Sounds tasty to me. Give it a go!

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Would be tasty. The only thing I see is that the Carolina sauces I've had aren't as thick as what I'd normally use for burnt ends. So that might be an issue.
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I am a fan of the yellow style Carolina bbq sauce. I buy mine from a bbq place in South Carolina called Piggy Park. Order online and gett it through the mail....has no preservatives!!
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