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Pulled pork

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Me and my buddy's came across 2 hogs with ruptures and got them for free. We want to make all pulled pork out of it, we have all the shoulders and hams to smoke. I have never made pulled pork with Hams before, any help is much needed. I usually only use shoulders to make pulled pork but since we got the free hams I thought it would be nice to use the hams as well so we can get more pulled pork out of it. Please help, thanks.
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Hams smoke the same as Butts, just typically take longer because of size. The Ham muscle is pretty lean so it's a good idea to mix all the meat and then separate for freezing...JJ

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Thanks chef! I'll but the hams on 2 hrs before the shoulders then and take to 205 or until the bone is ready to fall out and mix all of the pork together in a tub before we seperate for freezing. I appreciate it!
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