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Newbie from Vancouver, WA

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Hello all, I'm new to smoking/grilling but I really want to get in to it. I'm drawing up plans to build a cold/warm smoker, which will somewhat resemble the picture I attached here
This one's built from cedar, which I heard is a good wood for smokers because it prevent rot and whatever else. My dad was suggesting to build it from pine (because we have a ton of pi we just sitting around), what do you all think? Is pine good for a smoker to be built from? What would you recommend?
Thank you all.
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First of all, welcome to SMF!


If it was me I'd use the cedar. I have made a lot of outdoor furniture out of cedar & it never rots. That wouldn't be the case with pine.



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Thanks Al!
Yeah, I thought cedar might be a better choice, but my dad wants to build the walls from logs so it would look like a log cabin. I like the log cabin idea but pine isn't the best choice for lumber...Idk, maybe I'll convince him.
Thanks for the reply
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Glad ya joined us!  I'm not familiar with smokehouses but I do know that pine isn't good as a smoke wood.  I would have my concerns, but they may be totally wrong.  



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