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Been smokin in a smokehouse for years.went out an bought a mes30 love it I did ribs,potatoes,London broil a couple of times,pork chops all turned out great. Tried snack sticks not so great would not dry out seemed like an uneven heat. Had them in there for 12hours+ some were burnt tastin some were still raw hate to gripe on this sight but searched Internet and found nothing this is my last resort for answers. Don't know what I did wrong . Only did about 8 lbs worth. Thanks
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Welcome to the site.  Sure sorry to hear about your trouble with the snack sticks.


I think that you will get more helpful response to your questions about the Mes smoker if you post then on the electric smoker page.


This roll call page turns over so quickly that some posts just get lost due to shear number of threads.


There are a lot of Mes owners on the site and I am sure that you will find some help.

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:welcome1:  To SMF glad to have on board if you haven't already done so take the time to read Initial Greeting on Home page it contains a lot of helpful info also on top of Home page there is a search engine. You made want to ask under beef sticks for help also.

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Welcome to SMF!


Try posting your snack stick question in the sausage area.



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