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Nice job!! Great looking ribs.

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Nice job!! Great looking ribs.

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Hey guys. It's been awhile. I've been so wrapped up with work I haven't smoked in months. I'm doing a bunch this weekend for about 50 ppl. I'm doing 6 racks of ribs and I'm curious which wood you'd recommend. I used mesquite last time, but now I have more choices of woods and wondering of there's a better choice? Thank you.

Me....I use a mix of hickory and cherry.

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I am a big fan of applewood for ribs, and I use the 2-2-1 method but if you prefer more bite and less FOB, then do 2 then 1 1/2 then 1.  I also do the foil wrap with squeeze butter crisscrossed then honey crisscrossed in the opposite direction and sprinkled with dark brown sugar, then flip them - meat side down in a throw away sauce pan and covered tightly with foil (makes it easy and less messy when un-foiling).  save the juice in the pan when done, makes a great dipping sauce. Put back bone side down for the last hour and use Sweet Baby Rays.  But I don't think six racks are gonna even come close to feeding 50 people, maybe the first 10 or so folks are gonna be happy, the rest  of them are gonna be

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I have used apple, but Hickory is my favorite. I guess it depends on your preference. 225-250 for temp. I have done both foil and no foil. I like no foil better because you get more smoke.

Look like you figured out out by the pics. As you do more smokes I'm sure you will try different things
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Mesquite is a little strong for me and for ribs in general. I really like apple on pork. It gives a good enhancement to the natural flavor of the pork.
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What's the best way to eat the leftover ribs? They never taste very good to me the next day, so I'm hoping there's a trick to reheat them. Especially without drying them out
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i like next day flavor but the fat that has cooled can affect the "juiciness"

Wrap in foil and bake at 250 until warm inside and they are good as new IMO
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Vacuum seal and freeze. They will keep for a year or more. Then defrost in boiling water for just cooked flavor.
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Joe is Spot On   I do all my leftovers like that. When you open the bag it smells like it just came off the smoker



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I like mesquite but I prefer hickory - it is easily my favorite for ribs and most any pork. Lately though I've been using some apple, since the apple tree at my mom's house (which I played under and on as a kid) is beginning to die and there's lots of old branches ready for burning and just begging to be used. Never even thought to use that tree until recently, and we've found the flavor the smoke imparts to be mild and somewhat sweet.

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