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New to smoking

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Hey guys, 


I am brand new to the smoking community and dont really know a whole lot about the whole process.  I have been doing some research about types of wood, different cuts of meat, etc.  I bought a masterbuilt electric smoker a few weeks ago, and I am finally sitting down and interested in getting to knowing the ins and outs of smoking.


Any and all information would be incredibly helpful, along with tips and tricks as well.


As for a little about me, I was born and raised in Minnesota where I still live today.




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You have come to the right place to do your research. The search bar up top will answer almost any question you may have, otherwise, just ask and someone will steer you in the right direction.

Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome from SC, Derek. This is a great site, glad you are here.
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Welcome to SMF, Derek!


Glad to have you with us!


Lots of folks on here to help you!


Don't be afraid to ask any question.



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what do y'all think is the best meat to smoke first? just to like get comfortable with everything. something cheap, like chicken and work with that, or go all out on something more in depth, like brisket or ribs.

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I always suggest chicken. It's easy and not expensive. I prefer to spatchcock the bird. It gets done faster and more evenly. Go to the search bar and look up spatchcocked chicken. It is really easy. Good luck, Joe
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:welcome1:  To SMF glad to have you on board lot ofgreat guys ad gals here to help youjust aska question and get the help.

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