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Cabelas 5 lb Stuffer

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Looking at purchasing a sausage stuffer and was wondering if anyone has tried the Cabelas 5lb stuffer. I don't do a lot, but just looking for something that will serve my purpose and at a good price. Also, open to any other suggestions. Thanks|104723280|104552280|

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It has steel gears....  looks like a good deal, I would get it....

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I got the Weston 11 lb vertical a couple years back and love it.  It has metal gears and the extra capacity is nice.  You can pick them up for 160 and occasionally find them on sale cheaper.

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Ok price, but just check the tubes.  Make sure it comes with the small breakfast sausage tube for 18-20mm casings.  You'll need it at some point!  Those cost around $15-$20 on Amazon so you may be better off ordering from LEM directly & getting steel tubes as a bonus.  They run promotions every couple of months.

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It comes with 15,20 and 30mm tubes. I have some gift cards to use. Thanks for the replies
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