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End nov picked up lang 60.try to learn how use it im getting lot water bubbling out of my oak 2x14 went lowes got moisture meter out frustration im getting 15o/o or lower what gives?
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The surface is dry....   The center is wet....   leave the split for a year or so to dry out...   Oak is dense and takes a long time to dry out...

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Guess buy better seasoned wood...
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Even after buying seasoned oak still have water bubbling out wood and black film on chicken, should i put smoker away for a year wait for wood dry more,im getting same results with my wood or if i buy firewood from supplier.i keep stack wide open and smoke clear at all times.preheat wood on firebox.
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Lowes 2x14 sticks of wood sounds like camp fire wood. A hot campfire would burn  oak cut and split from a month ago.

We hosted at a campground and cut walnut, oak as well as hickory, cedar etc., We cut split stacked in a shed and with in 2 weeks we might be selling that wood to campers. I have tried to use some of the same in the smoker and got some of that bubbly occasionally.

Like Dave says, store it and use it next year!

That just my thoughts, there is no other reason for the water, not seasoned enough for a contained fire! 

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No reason to loose a season of smoking. Lump and Charcoal will work fine in a Lang. There may also be another source for fully seasoned hard wood near you...JJ

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