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Combination cured ham

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Was wondering if it would be fine to use pops's brine to inject a ham then rub with a dry cure to cure for a combo ham. Have always used tq as the injection and mortons sugar cure as the rub. Try to do all my curing with cure #1 now.
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Sure, that would be no problem. As long as you know how much cure you're absorbing through injection and how much you're absorbing through the dry rub. Now, consider that Pop's brine is designed to absorb through the surface of the meat....


Thing is, you're trying to do two different things at the same time. 

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Yes trying to come up with a cure #1 version of the combo cure we do with some of our hams. We always used tq and sugar cure.
This is what I'm trying to replicate. Anybody that is good with the math and could help me out would be greatly appreciated.
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