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Jeffs rub

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Well after about a hour of reading I pulled the trigger and purchased the rub and bbq sauce recipe. Hope it's as good as you all say😆
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You won't be disappointed. Jeffs rub can be altered to what you want also.
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It really is great. Sign up for his newsletter if you haven't already and he'll provide you with tons of great recipes using his rub. I tried his maple glazed ribs a few weeks back and they were insanely good.
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Jeff's rub is excellent, and as farmer said you can change it to suit your own taste.



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I also use Jeff's rub and sauce and find it great. I took a little heat from both and added a little sweet. That's the way my family and friends like the finish that it gives. On the other hand, you can do the opposite. The recipes are easily tweaked to your personal preference.

If you subscribe to the newsletter, there are many recipes in the archives that are available for review at any time. In addition to the purchased recipes, these are available to all subscribers. I used the Buttermilk Brine and the Butter Rub on a turkey for Thanksgiving and it was awesome.

Good luck and good smokin' with the recipes, Joe grilling_smilie.gif
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OMG!   You can never realize just how much I use both jeff's rub and sauce.    Both are incredible. I use them for ham and chicken wings.

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They are great for wings! Dust them with jeffs rub before smoking and toss with your favorite hot sauce! Awesome! Tonight I made them in the oven though. 4 degrees with the windchill. I'm getting too old for the cold haha
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BBQ sauce is AMAZING 👍👍🍔🍗
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