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cold smoked bacon observation and question

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I am closer to a rookie than an expert, so I may not know what I'm talking about. I know what I've observed.


I've done bacon with Pop's wet cure, dry with TQ and dry with cure #1.


The bacon in the wet cure doesn't seem to take on the smoke nearly as well as the dry-cured. Bacon from the wet cure and bacon from the dry cure smoked at the same time do not taste the same. The dry cured has a much smokier flavor to me.


The bacon in the wet cure also seems to shrink/wrinkle more when it's fried. Not a much as store-bought, but certainly more than the dry cure. I haven't tried baking the wet cured bacon.


Can anyone confirm the same observations? Or offer pointers on using the wet cure to address what I've seen?


Lastly, does it make a difference when the belly is seasoned? For the life of me, I can't taste the difference of anything I've tried outside of the cracked black pepper. I tried using Tony

Charchere's Criole Seasoning just because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Our oldest daughter thinks it is "the bomb" and prefers it over any other seasoning combinations I've tried. I have put the seasoning just prior to letting it develop the pellicle. I've put it on with the dry cures. Maybe I don't use enough? Thinking about it, when you slice bacon, the seasoned edge is so small in comparison with the wide face of it, so maybe the porkiness overwhelms the seasoning? Any ideas on this?



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About wet curing....    When you remove the bacon from the brining cure, place in refer unwrapped for 7 days to age and dry out more...   There refer will dehydrate the meat and make it closer to dry cured...    If you cold smoke the bacon, you can do an additional 7 days aging in the refer again after the smoke...   Smoke the bacon at 70 ish deg. F or colder...  for a good cold smoke..


.. ..


I dry rub cure for 14 days, I use cure #1, 7 day "bloom in the refer, 6-12 hour cold smoke, 7 days bloom again in the refer....  Bride says it's the best bacon recipe to date and the bacon is awesome...  The it's baked in the oven....

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Very informative Dave! We bake our bacon in the oven too. Except when I want bacon & eggs, with the eggs fried in the bacon grease. Then it's got to be in a cast iron pan.  :30:



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About the seasoning step....   Have you tried seasoning the slices before you wrap and freeze ??  I haven't tried it but it may be something to look at....

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didn't mean to leave this thread hanging--life keeps getting in the way.


Thanks for all the insight. I have never let the bellies "dry" after using the brine. Didn't realize it could be done without causing the belly to spoil. I know, it's cured--it just hadn't sunk in all the way.


My next batch will be in Pop's brine, and I'll let it bloom in fridge for a week.


I really appreciate everyone who shares their knowledge around here. thanks.

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