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The next batch I make I will try some thicker like you have said. We all love smoked meat around here. My dad is like a Jedi of smoked meat and he's great at it. He was over at my house last night and I cooked up a bit of the CB for him to try. He couldn't believe how good it was. We made some belly bacon back around thanksgiving using another method but we both agree the next batch will be made with pops brine. We are also going to dry cure some using your bacon extra smoky method. That slicer made short work of the CB this morning. I had it all sliced up and packaged in about an hour and a half just working by myself.

I need to find a better vacuum packer. I have a food saver but I think it waste so much bag just to activate the sensor for it to start vacumming. Plus the bags are more expensive than the meat sometimes lol