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Stringy bacon

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When curing bacon ( dry or wet) can you use a meat tenderizer. The direction on most tenderizers say to use only a few hours. My problem is the fat in the bacon is stringy and my wife will NOT eat it. I have only made bacon once, maybe I got a old pig? The rest was very good. I used a dry rub that used a little water, but I used apple juice. What did I do wrong?

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You didn't say how, or how long you cured the bacon. Was it belly bacon? Did you slice it across the grain? There is no need for meat tenderizer in properly cured bacon. Maybe your right & got a bad piece of meat to start with.



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I picked up the pork belly from Costco. I cured for 8 days and smoked to 150. The bacon tasted great, but was stringy(only in the fat) In Spokane wa only a few places carey pork belly, most frozen. A friend said to use pinapple juice, he said it is what they make meat tenderizer from. If it does not turn OK I will be eatting about 8 pounds of bacon by my self.

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BLT's every day. Sounds good to me!



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Stringy fat? thats a first for me. can you give more info. like cure and salt amount, skin on or off. and do you cook it till crisp?
I'd stay away from the pineapple juice, it will turn protein into mush.
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