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First Attempt

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Finally used my Christmas gift last night. I got a #8 LEM grinder, don't know the actual model.

My daughter and I ground 5 lbs of bottom round and split into equal batches. Used Hi Mountain jerky mix to make pressed jerky and snack sticks.

Put the jerky in 170*F oven while we struggled to stuff the sticks. Finished the jerky at 200* for 1/2 hour. I could not get a meat thermometer to read the 1/4" thick strip, so I over cooked.

Did not have the correct-sized stuffing horn, so we struggled using our jerky gun with round nozzle to stuff the 2.5 lbs of snack sticks. I will smoke them today.

Going to order a small stuffing horn for grinder. I see why all say this is addictive, can't wait to build a smoker and do it again.
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Welcome to SMF! Sounds like your hooked! It's truly a great hobby!



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