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Totally lost

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My neighbor who packages and sells rubs and sauces gave me a pack of buffalo meat. When I thawed it, there were four hand sized steaks about an inch thick. What to do????? Having never tasted, cooked, or even seen buffalo meat before, I did not know what to expect. Results was a very tasty piece of meat and more tender than I expected.

I stacked two of the steaks and dusted with my favorite rub, put on rack and in refrigerator overnight.

Sorry about the cheap cell phone pictures.

Seeing the meat I can tell it has no fat in it all, so I need to do something to keep it from drying out. Light came on!! Wrap it in some of my last batch of bacon.

Now, in the GOSM at 200F and apple chunks for a couple of hours and then up to 230F. 8 hours later, IT is 191 and it passed the toothpick test.

Finished pix.

After this experience, I wish I had a source for buffalo meat. Too bad I had to stack the two, but it worked.

Thanks for looking.
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That'll work for deer and moose, too. Nice cook.Thumbs Up

Good looking bacon BTW.

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Thanks Cliff.......maybe our paths will cross some day. It's a long ways from Old Town to Bridgton.
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Holy cow! That looks amazing! Good smoke ring and it looks like it was moist as well.

Love buffalo, and like you, I wish I had a regular source!
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Thanks tastes good.
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